Pirate Party!

Supergirl has been leaning towards the pirate persuasion lately. She just turned the big 5 and wanted a good old fashioned pirate party! We had the party at my parent’s house and had a great time! Here are some highlights!

Jake Cake I made! French vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling. Buttercream frosting.

Pirate Table set up! Arrgh!

Jake pirate ship jello cups

Watermelon Bucky Pirate Ship

Hot dog pirate ships


MIA for…awhile

People aren’t kidding when they say losing weight is like a roller coaster. I’m up, I’m down. I’m up, I’m down. There are no more excuses to be had. First it was summer. Summer is hard. I’m home for three months, running every which way, entertaining children, making memories. I had such high hopes to maintain through summer after my 10% loss. I knew losing wasn’t realistic, so instead I would maintain until school started back up.

I had it in my head that when school started up, it would get easier. However, it got harder. Rather than cashing in on “routine,” instead NO TIME because my next excuse. Supergirl started preschool across town and so we are driving and running around much longer than before. Lunch needs packed, house needs tidied, kids need played with, etc. Suddenly time was an issue. While I was at work and less likelyΒ  to snack and munch throughout the day like during the summer, now we were starting to eat not great dinners (they are quick), drive through McDonalds at lunch (no time to pack lunch at night, well…too tired to pack lunch), darn Starbucks each morning on the way to work.

I began only stopping in to weigh in. No meetings. Then I would do this every other week. Now its been almost 4 weeks since my last “pop in and weigh” and I feel horrible about it. I have decided I need a day. I need a day a week to go to a meeting. I need those ideas. I need that pep talk, I need to feel empowered, the way I feel when I leave a meeting. When I just simply stop and weigh I am feeding the fire of “I have no time”. And the excuses need to stop now.

Breakfast tomorrow – banana and cup of coffee with pumpkin creamer (1point+)So I have made my lunch for tomorrow. Turkey sandwich (5points+), cheesestick (2 points+), natural applesauce (0 points+), 4 mint cookies (4points+) to help get me through my staff meeting tomorrow afternoon.
Dinner – Bubble bread – 6points+


Heres to a new start. πŸ™‚


PS – still totally doing the 31 bags thing, its going…ok. Bags may not have been the best venture for me, as my mom and I are pretty much addicted to totes, bags and purses, but still…we are trying. We have a show in two weeks. Praying for a good turn out. Our last one was…eh. πŸ™‚

Business is slow but good!

My mom and I have been consultants for almost a month. We have had two parties (one traditional in home and one catalog) and have had some good orders with those. We realized that we had to put a little more money into our business because people want to see the products. One issue that came up at our first party was if a wallet would fit in a certain purse. Good question! We realized that while its not practical right now to have one of everything to display, it is helpful to have some items on hand for comparison.

Our first party was at my cousin’s house and it was a lot of fun. It was more of an open house I would say because we didn’t have all of our business supplies yet! They hadn’t come! So we just had some great conversations, talked about how we would use the bags and patterns/fabrics we loved or maybe not loved so much.

We have two more parties lined up and a trade show for September so far. I’m excited about this and think that once we can get some steady orders, my first of all my hubby will be happy πŸ™‚ but also I will hopefully feel like I am contributing a little more to our Disney Vacation fund due to happen next summer.

Just wanted to update and to throw out there that if interested in ordering or becoming a 31 consultant, let me know! πŸ™‚

Summer favorite!

One of my favorite summer treats is strawberry shortcake! My husband and I made some WW friendly strawberry shortcake and it completely hit the spot! The pic is a little blurry, sorry! My phone was acting up and I was so ready to dive into this yummy seasonal treat that I didn’t want to get the camera! Here is what we did:

Each is one serving:

1 cup sliced strawberries
1 1/2 shortcake (store bought)
3 SPLENDA packets
2 tbsp FF Cool Whip

We sliced the strawberries, sprinkled the SPLENDA on them, smooshed them up a little and poured them over 1 1/2 shortcakes. Topped with Cool Whip. Voila! We did make ours separately just to keep ingredients and serving sizes in check.

4 points + each serving


My new endeavor! Thirty-One Gifts

WW is going well, I have been able to maintain this summer since losing my 10% and while I have a long road ahead of me, I am going to keep at it. Work will be starting again and I feel as though it is easier to lose when you have routine in your life and I just don’t right now. Everyday is different, especially when my little Superheroes are home so I am just trying to maintain right now so I don’t get discouraged.

My latest adventure is a joint project with my mom. My mom and I have an addiction…to purses and bags. Especially tote bags. I love me a good tote bag. I was introduced to Thirty-One Gifts last year when I ordered something from someones catalogue at work. I love it, it is very well made, pretty and practical! So my mom and I looked into selling it and found out that it is only $99 to get started, we were spending that alone on bags, so why not? I did some research and the company is derived from Proverbs 31 in the Bible and gives woman an opportunity to be independent and successful. There are products for you men too, don’t worry! There are lots of different lunch totes, college team products, organizing totes and bins, make up bags, stationary…tons of different things!

I don’t want this blog to become a 31 pimping zone because the focus of my blog is not to make money or sell things but rather document my life while trying to be healthier for my family. However, since this is a new thing for us, I am going to throw this out there! If you are interested in checking out what this great company is all about, check out this website: http://www.mythirtyone.com/wendytrisha You can check out the products, learn about the company and get to know my mom and I better! If you see something you would like in the catalogue, there are some great monthly specials, feel free to place a non party order!

If you would like to host a party, even though you are probably not around here, you could host a catalog party. We could send you some catalogs that you could pass along to your friends, coworkers, family. We could collect the orders and payments after a set time and YOU would still get all the benefits of being a party hostess like free product and discounts (see here for more details) without an actual party. πŸ™‚

That is my schpeel for right now. I hope to hear from you soon if interested. If not, please disregard this entire post and stay tuned for more WW and healthy being posts in the future! πŸ™‚


Healthier alternative for the 4th! (Almost!)

The 4th of July is special for obvious reasons but also it’s always been my favorite holiday because my birthday is the very next day. And not just my birthday, my moms birthday is also on the 5th! So tradition has it that we celebrate our birthdays along with celebrating our country’s birthday!

Usually the 4th is filled with good bbq food, mayo based sides, chips and dip, and cake! I usually get my mom a champagne cake and she either gets me a cookie cake or regular cake from my favorite bakery. Then, after eating all the bbq food, salads and chips we all have two slices of cake (one from each of course!), ice cream (mint chip!) and open presents. Then we each take our cakes home and eat them for the next few days.

This year is different. I feel great about my weight loss success and my parents are doing an awesome job with the Farrell’s body shaping program. I don’t want to have a gain from all of this so this is what we are doing differently.

First, we are still having bbq. We are grilling lean hamburgers (not a fan of turkey burgers, but that could be an option), hotdogs for the kids, and these.


Chicken brats. With a hotdog bun it comes to 7 points+ and one is plenty! They are SO good! You might be able to get it down to 5 or 6 points+ with a light bun, but eh. They are so expensive, I never get them!

Second, we are making a fat free Italian dressing based pasta/veggie salad. (1/2 cup is 4points) and we are also bringing a fruit plate. Yum! And free with points!


Last, on the topic of cakes, we decided to do cupcakes! Instead of ordering two cakes and stuffing ourselves with them for a week, we ordered the best cupcakes from a wonderful local place. We each picked our very favorite kind and they are sitting on my table awaiting to be eaten!

We got chocolate chip, caramel pecan, vanilla, chocolate mint, lemon raspberry, and peanut butter cup! I.cant.wait. Plus my dad is going to make homemade ice cream with low fat milk. Yum! I’m not figuring points for these because it is my birthday. I’m only going to turn 33 once!


Don’t those look good?! Happy 4th of July!